This is "my" mashed&smashed up personal blog where I try to post useful stuff for people that are into sports, people that want technology to for for them and not vice versa, people looking for solutions to mobile phone problems especially Nokia and Android related, people that are interested in SEO in making money online and more...

A blog about health and why am I bloging it?

This is a pretty cool health blog.... well...beats me actually but there is one particular post that I really enjoy - a post about the benefits of fish oil. Why you ask? Like other times, why do we give some additional boost to seems like totally unrelated pages that have nothing to do with our online efforts?

Because that pages bear a link that points to one of our pages!

To explain that again... giving some extra boost to the pages where your link is already positioned is almost as good as getting a new link. Or sometimes it is even better. And the second thing is that some link love will get you article about health and fish oil indexed faster. It's highly unlikely but maybe your article could get totally overlooked by Google so your links would go to waste.

So until next time - drink plenty of fish oil and stay healthy.


The time has come to put up another website dedicated to what I love the most - water sports. To be more exact - about one aspect of water sports, about the thing that is in my opinion actually responsible for today expansion of water sports - about wetsuit. Without wetsuits, all water sports would be limited to just a few lucky places on earth where the weather is warm, the water is balmy and your biggest worry is to avoid a coconut from falling onto your head. So thanks to wetuits! Without them, I wouldn't be a surfer today.

Fish Oil And The Benefits Of Taking It?

First let me say that when I was a kid I never tried fish oil, nor did I know anyone that did :). Why am I saying that? Because when I was a kid the only time when I saw fish oil was on TV in some kids movie or series where an old and not very kind aunt (or mother, or stepmother or whatever) forced a spoon full of fish oil down some kids throat and he ran away screaming and with his face in spasms like a torture mask. So I did not have a very good opinion on fish oil.

But with things going eco, green, natural and back to basics we more and more start to see that some of the old remedies work just as good as the new ones if not better. So I went on to a Google hunt for fish oil and fish oil benefits.

Why on earth should you take fish oil and is it still so yucky that you run away screaming when you take a sip? I guess not, today you can get it in a shape of tasteless tablets that eliminate the taste...at least I presume that was the reason those kids didn't like it :).

So, what are the results and what are the benefits of fish oil? Here is a collection of articles I've found on fish oil:

It seems that fish oil is a pretty damn useful thing, worth looking into it. After reading all this I might even start taking it, I just need to overcome those childhood "kids screaming and running away memories".

Recipe for Banana Bread

Recipe for Banana Bread: "Why is banana bread good for your health and a recipe for making banana bread at home."

Bread online

Another great blog that just happens to share a link to one of my sites is this Bread blog. I really like bread, well not like ordinary bread but I like all the bread variations that you can get in a good bakery or even make at home. Baking bread is quite easy actually. I'm not going into details but bascially all you need is flour and water. And the results of homemade bread?

Yummy! Do you know why hamburger or hot dog buns or even toast stays fresh for so long? you can leave them for a week and the will still be just as good? It's not because they are "Sooo great", quite the opposite - it's because the have so many artificial substances that make them stay fresh for that long. So a homemade bread will get hard or mouldy in a few days, but for a day or two it will taste like no bought bread you ever tasted. Well...if you skip that reall good bakery that I mentioned before.

Anyway, just try making bread at home and taste the difference. and it's really easy. It has nothing to do with links and internet marketing but it's fun :)


The real iPhone agenda

First, again I must confess what is the point of this post - same as usual. Read some of my other post to get the idea. It's not telling people how to improve their websites but letting them watch me while I spill all sorts of crap to fill these blogposts with come words, text, content that gives iPhone users someting to read while the follow the sites I recommend. iPhone users? What the hell?

Well this articles is about iPone. Everybody writes about iPhone these days, the new 3g iPhone has just come out. No wonder. If you want to read a nice review of 3g iPhone... but the point is this old post...huh.. it's not actually old, its just a bit before todys iPhone madness. The point is - Apple iPhone is not just a phone, it's Mac Nano. It has Mac OSX installed and people buying iPhones will get used to Mac OSX and there is only a short step from here to Mac world domination :) You can read about the real iPhone agenda great stuff, I must say.

Mixed Food Recipes

We might be geting borring but this is how stuff works. You need to give some to get some. Give and take. Give and get. Perfect balance in nature and in life. The equilibrium of the universe. We got carried away. But by bookmarking recipe websites that I like I help them become better and stronger websites. Like this Mixed Food Recipes site for instance. They have all sorts of recipes for delicious meals.It's not just one of those blogspot fill it with crap blogs. So I like it.

Oh, and a fact that it links to a certain site has nothing to do with it. Honest! :)

Keep It Simple Stupid

If you come to this blog and don't click away right at the same moment (which is probably what you do) you might ask yourself why the hell is this blog so ugly? With all the fancy widgets, plugins, pictures, networks you can connect to and proudly display their badges, why are there no I love cats, Google maps of my last years hollidays and other crap... where is all that?

Keep It Simple Stupid!

All that things just overweight the blog (... or any website for that matter) - make it slower, heavier and less SEO friendly and actually - they don't add anything to the value of your blog. It's what you write that matters!

There is one more thing here - if you want to earn some money from your websites or blogs - all the glitter is just a distraction. You want content, that brings people to your website and you want adds so you can monetize it. Everything else is just a distraction that keeps your visitors from clicking on your ads.

Instead the click on your Flicker pictures, your In what mood am I widget... you get the point.

So keep it simple stupid! :)

Are Mashed Potatoes Any Good?

Now this blog over here is really something. It's about healthy food and it publishes recipes that are easy to make and are healthy so you don't get fat, get sick or something. And again, what do you know - they are writing about mashed potatoes. And there is also a mashed potato recipe over there titled Are Mashed Potatoes Any Good?

Coincidence you think? And coincidence that I'm writing about it. No very likely... you should have known that by now :). This might go against some of your views, you might be thinking why would I promote this mashed potatoes recipe that is not even on my site? I'm doing all the hard work and it's not even directly for myself.

Well (oh my gosh, here I go again) sometimes it pays of to be altruistic and you have to take a little chance. You night get screwed, but on the other hand, you might get quite some benefits from that. And we are not talking just mashed potatoes benefits here :).

Watch and learn baby, watch and learn... khm... actually you might want to wait until I tell you that this worked and I have put my mashed potatoes recipe site on top spot in google. Until then...

Cherry Banana Smoothie

Well, this is a recipe that is not really a recipe because it's so short and simple. I just must write a few things so this post is not so short that it does not make any sense and it end up being irrelevant to search engines. If you look closely at this Cherry Banana Smoothie recipe, you will notice the is a link to another recipe site there. Yep. That's one of my sites. So what am I doing with this recipe for banana smoothie?

Well (second well, I really must stop using well all the time...), it goes something like this. Let's say I have a recipe site I want to promote. I like cooking, food, recipes and I like also to make some money from the recipes I publish. So I need visitors to my recipes sites like that banana bread one over there. Visitors come from search engines (the best ones) and... hell, I'm sure you already know all this. So I'll just explain why I'm writing this post.

The link to my banana bread recipe site in this banana smoothie recipe is permanent. That means it will stay forever (if I can count on the owner :)). This gives me a chance that instead of chasing around for more links I strengthen the links I've already got. I do this by writing this piece of no good making no sense post about cherry banana smoothies and banana bread recipes and stick it to this blog.

Yeah, this is the reason for having this blog. To write some crap and get some benefits from it. You might see people talking about it all the time, but you dont actually see people doing it. So read this and see how it's done :). Al least I do it this way. Does it work?

Well (for the third time, damn it). It kind of does. :) Anyway...since it's really hot over here right now... I might as well really make myself a cold banana cherry smoothie.

Unitl later....

3g iPhone Review

iPhone. Well, yeah...right.It kicks ass. If you like it or not Apple is a few steps ahead of the competitors when it comes to technology and Apple is more than a few steps ahead when it comes to design and buzz that Apple products make. Naturally people will hate success and find all sorts of mistakes in the new 3g iPhone. If you want more info on what the new iPhone brings check out this 3g iPhone review. I'm not here to give out details, this post is more about my wiev of Apple and new 3g iPhone.

Its good and it's cheap. There are always people that are "dissapointed" because the new iPhone does not have that something that that person needs to have, but it has averything that it needs to be simple to use, flashy to impress chicks and your friends, good enought to surf the web and more.

As I said in the last Zecco Review post, I recently started trading with Zecco online trader and one of the stocks i purchased is Apple. Why? Not only because, but also because the new iPhone. The success of the first generation iPhone was big. But when you think of it - still very limited. Limited to United States, limited to certain operators. It was pricey for Europe where 400$ iPhone turns into 400€ iPhone (currently exchange rate is 1.57$ for 1€) and at the end, there were only a fwe countries where you could get it.

Now the new 3g iPhone will bi available in more that 70 states (if I remember it right), imagine the market?

Apple will expand their Apple sotres which are the most bang for square foot stores in teh world. And they wioll start offering third party apps for iPhone. These are all tangible things that IMHO make Apple a good investment even now, when it's price is much higher than it was years ago.

And if I would want to develop my thoguhts even further... I'm sure people from Apple have something new up their sleeves. This ends this 3g iPhone review that turned into an explanation why I bought Apple shares. Well anyway, till next time :)

Zecco Review

What the hell is Zecco? And why does it need it's own Zecco review :)? Well, I found out about Zecco through a financial newspaper, where someone did an article how he uses Zecco for stock trading. This was not an advertisment, he was simply explaining from his own experience how he uses Zecco to invest in stocks. The thing that caught my eye was - "free stock trades" or zero stock trades or something like that. That means you can buy and sell stocks without paying anything for the service, of course you have to pay for the stocks you buy...duh! Since I earn some US dollars from time to time from my online projects and pages (actually I get just a few houndred buck a month from AdSense and that's mostly it...) I decided that I will try and invest some of that money.

So I joined Zecco and I also started a little Zecco Review blog about my quest to make money by trading US stocks. First I will try and explain everything you need to know about Zecco, thing like how to oppen Zecco account, how to fund your Zecco account, how to buy stocks, is it safe, do you earn interest on your idle cash, are they any good...etc.

Later... or I guess at the same time, I will write about the stocks I buy and why I buy them and how succesfull am I. Let me tell you that so far I'm not very successful :) But I think with the current market condition this is kind of expected. SO anyway, if you need so info about Zecco, visit my Zecco review blog. Cheers.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Mashed blog, Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe, this is the latest of the mashed potatoes recipes that I've put on my site. Not this site actually, the other site that is filled with recipes on how to make mashed potatoes. Why would I make a blog about mashed potatoes, am I stupid, bored... or what :)? A little thing called niche. I like simple foods and I like simple recipes. And every now and then I find a recipe that is more or less rare on the net. Mashed potatoes is one of those recipes and this is why I'm making a site about it.

Food, Recipes and Blogging

This will be one of those - How To Blog - posts. And with this blog I plan to break just about every rule known to man about how you should blog. How you should blog meaning if you want to be successful and if you treat your blog as your personal online bussines of some sort, your pet project. If you don't care at all about how your blog looks like than it doesn't matter, hell, I you don't care you probably don't even read posts like these that will tell you what to do or what not to do with your blog. No let me make myself a sandwich...

Sandwich recipe

I love whole wheat bread... that homemade whole wheat bread that gets dry and crumbly if you leave it outside for a day. WTF you ask? You know why bread, buns... things from the supermarket stay fresh, moist and soft even after a week? Because they are filled with chemicals that keep them fresh, moist and soft even after a week. Homemade wholewheat bread has none of this. If you leave it outside it will get dry. If you leave it in the plastic bag it will get moldy. If you eat it you won't be sorry.

So one slice of homemade whole wheat bread, a spread of young cheese, two slices of chicken breasts, a pickle, a salad leaf, and some Old Amsterdam cheese. Yummy.

now lets go on...

Which rules I intend to break?

Lets make a list:

  1. Post regularly. I don't want to. I don't have time, I don't have inspiration and I have lots of other websites to maintain. So I will post whenever I feel like posting. Like now for instance (the feeling is fading slowly as this post gets longer :) ). You should post regularly to get and keep you readers. Well, I don't want them. I just want a blog that will give great links to my other sites. A blog that will be liked by Google, not people. Sorry.
  2. Stick to one topic. I hate.... I HATE blogs that write about everything. They are a bunch of loooosers. Decide what your blog is about and write about that. People also don't visit your blog to find out that you just ate a sandwich (got you) when they expect that you will be writing about how you earn money on the internet, what is the latest seo trick etc... or they don't want to read about the latest recipes if your every second post is a poem or a photography. Blogs that write about everything suck. S-U-C-K! So I'll write about everything. This is where the stupid title Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money comes from.
  3. Make your blog beautiful. Lots of pictures, fancy template, nice and matching colors, a few banners, great logo and header, lots of widgets, plugins, tags about what stupid shit you support that no one cares about. All this takes time, so you wont find it here. Just plain and stupid text with word after word after word.
That's it mostly. There are lots of other rules, but these are the ones that I'll be breaking most of the time. If you want your blog to be supercool, don't break them. If you want to be so uncool you are actually cool, break them :).

More from Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money later.

3G iPhone Review

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the new iPhone? I say thumbs up.

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Mashed Potato Recipe

Did I post a recipe yet? The title starts with Food & Recipes and I didn't post a single recipe on this blog yet. Which sucks. So to fix this right here right now I will let you in on a little secret recipe...lol... that everyone already knows - Mashed potatoes recipe. So how do you make mashed potatoes?

It's really really really easy. But there are a few tricks to make them better.

1. Peel the potatoes.
2. Cut them in a few pieces.
3. Put them in a pan and cover them with (trick number one) COLD water. Add some salt.
4. Put the pan on your stove and boil.
5. When water starts boiling you can set the heat down a bit.
6. Cook for about 15 minutes - pierce a potato with a knife - if its soft its done.
7. Pour away the extra water and (trick number two) return your potatoes back to the fire. This will evaporate some more water from the potatoes and it will make them taste better.
8. Be careful not to burn them.
9. Add some milk and butter and mash the potatoes.
10. Mash them as you like, maybe you like some bits and pieces, maybe you want them smooth and creamy.
11. (trick number three) You can even mix them with hand held blender to make them extra fluffy.
12. And the final trick - eat them.

Sure this is the most simple recipe, and there are many more ways to make mashed potatoes. Maybe we will try them some other time.

Huh, I just noticed - mashed-up-blog and mashed potatoes go great together.

Anastasia Ashley

Well, if you ask me, she is not that hot, but she makes all that up the in department of surfing abilities. Anastasia Ashley is a great surfer and that is hot. More than all the "Sexiest vegetarian alive" and FHM model thingies. I don't know why, but surf clothing makes girls cute and the fact that they really surf makes them even cuter.

The question here is, do you really want to be labeled as hot if you are an aspiring young surfer. It doesn't hurt of course. Why did former world champion Lisa Andersen sky rocket womens surfing, just because she won a world title or two? Well she was not the first. But she was the one that looked great on posters, commercials and that is when womens surfing got interesting.

Just be careful not to go down the Ana Kurnikova road :). Go Anastasia Ashley :)!

Double Decade

So you are a snowboarder. No, actually it doesn't matter. Any so called alternative sport will do. Even other sports can do just fine. Probably things like chess don't qualify but... OK, stop and tell what's up?

Sports are for kids. Because kids can learn faster and if you want to be any good at any sport you must start early on. So early that you do most of the falling while you are still close to the ground - when you are small. Something about gravity meets concrete. Mix in more elastic bones, faster healing of your bruises and the fact that: "You won't be able to see the scar by the time you get married." This are just some things that disappear when you are older.

If you are good, if you are really good and train hard you will reach your performance peak sometimes in your twenties, by the time you are 27 or 28 you are already experienced veteran or even worse - a legend :). Sometimes (like surfing, basketball, hockey... some sports) you can squeeze in an additional decade of word cup performance... but only if you are once in a 50 years wonder kid.

If you are not a professional athlete and lets face it, most of us are not, then by the time you are 25 people around you start spiting out innocent remarks like... is he still snowboarding.... wouldn't it be time to take life more seriously... isn't surfing for kids... etc.

Now surfing is lucky because it's old enough that you have people of all ages in the lineup. But snowboarding is still quite young by surfing standards and old snowboarders are like snow in the desert. This is why we must give all the respect to Mack Dawg. Double Decade! That mean two times one decade. That means two times ten years. That means 20 years. Yep, it's 20 years since the release of first Mack Dawgs snowboard movie and the movie that celebrates this fact is titles Double Decade. Check the trailer and wait for it until the fall.

double decade Trailer Mack dawg from Niller on Vimeo.

Blogger Comments Setup

I just decided that I will open comments on this blog. I know this is some info that you, the only reader that came to this sorry excuse of a page could not live without. But I need more blogposts so that this blog has some blogposts and that it does not look like an empty blog without blogposts.... You know, more content is always better.

So how to enable comments on Blogger? It's so easy even a monkey can do it (I'm crossing my fingers, I hope I succeed so I don't turn out to be less than a monkey... no offense all the monkeys out there).

To setup the comments in Blogger just go to blogger control panel, click on settings and then on comments. And if you are not a monkey things should be pretty obvious. Now for my personal monkey test - can you see comments under this post. If not then send me a banana... please.

Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money... ALL THAT?

One thing I would like to make clear but I can't make it clear before I decide it for myself. Is this one of those "how to make money online blogs"? Brrrrrr... even the name gives me the shivers. I hate all those so called make money online blogs, because there are sooo many many many (many many... to many, like yaaaawn, good morning, today I will start a blog...hm...what should I write about, well lets write about how to earn a few buck on the Internet, I heard there is good money in that...clap clap, yeah real original) of them and they all keep puking out the came rehashed crap over and over again. How to write a good post, how to get more RSS subscribers, how to make your title attract hot chicks that will wash your car in their bikinis (ups, sorry, that one is from another blog...actually, I should make a blogpost about that), how to totally persuade people to join some crappy affiliate program that is THE NEXT BIG THING since Google...no, really. Yuck!

But on the other hand, I do have a few websites and they do bring me some pocket money every now and then. And this blog is titled so stupidly Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money because my sites are about those things and the general idea so far with this blog is to have a blog so general that I can throw anything on it. From hot chicks washing my car in their bikinis..

The only problem is, I hate that kind of blogs. Blogs about everything and nothing. Blogs where you can learn that the writer is not in the good mood today and that he had cereals for breakfast... God, now I can die happy. BTW, I had no breakfast yet and this is one of the reasons I am in a bad mood :)

Anyway, until I clear this out with myself, this is not.... I repeat NOT, a make money on the Internet blog. So go and check those crazy Aztecs instead :).


I was just reading through some info on Aztecs and... stop! Why the hell would I want to read about Aztecs and Tenochtitlan you ask? Well, one reason is that this is the site I own and this babble here is just something to promote it (yeah, this in one of the ways to do it:) ) and second - Aztecs were a bunch of crazy motherfuckers (sorry). The stone temples in the shape of pyramids covered with blood of the sacrificed prisoners and Aztec themselves that all that wanted their whole life is to have their heart ripped from their chest while they were still alive on the top of the Atzec temple slash pyramid and then their lifeless body thrown down the pyramid stairs. Not you everyday life goal.

Anyway... so I was reading about Tenochtitlan: "Aztec city of Tenochtitlan was one of the largest and best organized cities in the world. When was the city founded and when did it end up in ruins - the history of the city and its most important buildings...." (this was the promotion part, notice the link, feel free to follow it:)

Back to crazy mofos... ancient history, ancient heroes and warriors, big battles and all that Lord Of The Rings stuff is really interesting. At least to me. This is the second reason that I was just reading through some info on Aztecs and...

I hate "my first post" posts

You know, you open a blog because you hear its a great way to... yadayadayada. And then you wirte your first post.

This is supposed to be some crappy welcome message like this is my first post every and I will try to bore you to death right at the beginning. Hell, if you don't have anything to say, say nothing at all. Skip your "Hello World" post and come back when you have something to say.

Like what I just said. Cheers....