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Why I Hate Video Blogs & Video Tutorials

I can't say that this is a new trend, it's been her for a while now... at least it's not new in the online definition of new. Things happen fast here on the good old internet. But anyway - blogs where people post videos of themselves talking, explaining, narrating, huhing, emming...etc are popin' up like zits on prom night.

Why Video blog is cool for them:
- once you get a hang of it, it's less work - at least the boring typing work. Talking is easier than typing.
- you can build up your online personality, wohoo look at me!
- well whatever other good there is - I DONT CARE!

The point of this blog post that I hade to type the old fashioned way is why I HATE VIDEO blogs.

The point of most of the searches on web is gathering information. I am interested in something. I Google it. I scan the page quickly. Decide if its what I'm looking for or not. If it is I read what I need if it's not I move on.

Now if I come across a video blog none of this can be done :/. I cant quickly scan it, I can't even know what the hell info am I going to find in it. To make matters worse - video bloggers never get straight to the point. They try to be funny, the beat around the bush, they make a 10 minute video blog post that gives only one paragraph that could be read in 30 seconds of useful info.

They make my life more difficult.

I am past the stage of finding some online guru that I would want to follow and hang on to his every word. It's a waste of time and one of the things that prevent you from doing something yourself. Reading blogs, looking at video blogs.... get of your ass and do it.

Anyway...this was just one of the things I had to get of my mind and unleash onto this blog.

Oh, if someone likes video blogs, can you please explain to me why?