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Solution: My N85 Nokia Video Is Freezing and Skipping

I have just bought the new Nokia N85 mobile phone and I love it. The love was shortly interrupted the day when I took my first video. The video quality is pretty cool for a phone, but the video froze and skipped and it was unwatchable. When I started the recording the first few seconds went smoothly but then picture froze, skipped, froze again etc... At first I thought that this was only happening in the preview screen and that the video itslef would be fine. But when I uploaded the wideo to PC the problem was still there. Nokia N85 video freezes. Yikes! Now what?

How can I stop my Nokia N85 video from freezing?

I searched the web for possible solutions to this problem and here is what I've found... what follows is a short review and description of solutions to this problem:

1. Upgrade your Nokia N85 firmware
Booohuuu. Some people say that this worked for them, but it didn't work for me. Moving on....

2. Change the video setting so N85 saves the video to your phone, not the memory card
This is the fastes solution if you need to shoot a video that doesn't freeze right away. Since the space on your Nokia N85 is limited this is only a short term solution, you will probably run out of space in no time. And that would be pretty pathetic with 8Gb space on your memory card. So I have found a better, but more time consuming solution. Still, if you want to use this solution follow these steps:
- start your N85 camera in video mode
- choose options
- choose settings
- scroll down and change Memory location from card to phone.
Your video is now being recorded to the phones internal memory and it wont skip and freeze anymore. So abviously the video freezing problem lies in the Nokia N85 memory card.

3. Format the memory card on your N85
I am not sure why, but this works! If you do not want to loose the data you have on your Nokia N85 memory card follow this:

- plug your N85 into the computer using USB cable
- when your phone asks you for the type of connection choose Mass Memory  (not PC Suite), this will make your Nokia behave like an USB memory stick
- open the memory card in Windows explorer and copy all the directories and files onto your computer
- disconnect the phone from PC (I'm not sure if this is necessary but it's better to be on the safe side)
- format the memory card using your phone. How do you format a memory card on Nokia N85? Open Tools -> File manager (File mgr.) -> choose Memory card -> Options -> Memory card options -> Format
- reconnect your N85 to PC and again choose Mass memory
- copy back all the files and directories that you before coped to your PC. There will be some empty directories already on the formated card but don't worry, you can overwrite them.
- That's it.

Now you Nokia N85 video camera is fully functional and ready to roll.


  1. Amazing...Worked a treat! Thanks...

  2. Brilliant! Thanks so much for the suggestion. Worked for me too!

  3. It helped for Nokia E72 to,, thanks.

  4. I think its helped for me, too!!! Thanks a lot! (n85)

  5. Your solution is amazing dude!!!!!

    it helped me with my Nokia E72. The video was freezing.....

    Thanks for your blog!!!!

  6. '3.Format the memory card' works for me. Gracias!

  7. Thx Man! Another solution is reduce the quality to "TV", that of course you lost quality in your videos.

  8. Wow ! My 5630 works great now !
    Thanks a lot man !

  9. Great job, I choose format-solution. After copying the files to my HD, I restarted the phone, working good!!!

  10. Thank you very much!!!! I thought my camera was broken somehow! That really worked!!! Amazing!

  11. Thanks, worked like a charm.

  12. Hi Ben! Thank you for sharing your solution! I just performed the instructions you share here and it worked great. BTW I have an E72. Jennifer, South Africa

  13. This solution worked fine for me too, after more than 2 years from this post. Thanks a lot !