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The real iPhone agenda

First, again I must confess what is the point of this post - same as usual. Read some of my other post to get the idea. It's not telling people how to improve their websites but letting them watch me while I spill all sorts of crap to fill these blogposts with come words, text, content that gives iPhone users someting to read while the follow the sites I recommend. iPhone users? What the hell?

Well this articles is about iPone. Everybody writes about iPhone these days, the new 3g iPhone has just come out. No wonder. If you want to read a nice review of 3g iPhone... but the point is this old post...huh.. it's not actually old, its just a bit before todys iPhone madness. The point is - Apple iPhone is not just a phone, it's Mac Nano. It has Mac OSX installed and people buying iPhones will get used to Mac OSX and there is only a short step from here to Mac world domination :) You can read about the real iPhone agenda great stuff, I must say.

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