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Double Decade

So you are a snowboarder. No, actually it doesn't matter. Any so called alternative sport will do. Even other sports can do just fine. Probably things like chess don't qualify but... OK, stop and tell what's up?

Sports are for kids. Because kids can learn faster and if you want to be any good at any sport you must start early on. So early that you do most of the falling while you are still close to the ground - when you are small. Something about gravity meets concrete. Mix in more elastic bones, faster healing of your bruises and the fact that: "You won't be able to see the scar by the time you get married." This are just some things that disappear when you are older.

If you are good, if you are really good and train hard you will reach your performance peak sometimes in your twenties, by the time you are 27 or 28 you are already experienced veteran or even worse - a legend :). Sometimes (like surfing, basketball, hockey... some sports) you can squeeze in an additional decade of word cup performance... but only if you are once in a 50 years wonder kid.

If you are not a professional athlete and lets face it, most of us are not, then by the time you are 25 people around you start spiting out innocent remarks like... is he still snowboarding.... wouldn't it be time to take life more seriously... isn't surfing for kids... etc.

Now surfing is lucky because it's old enough that you have people of all ages in the lineup. But snowboarding is still quite young by surfing standards and old snowboarders are like snow in the desert. This is why we must give all the respect to Mack Dawg. Double Decade! That mean two times one decade. That means two times ten years. That means 20 years. Yep, it's 20 years since the release of first Mack Dawgs snowboard movie and the movie that celebrates this fact is titles Double Decade. Check the trailer and wait for it until the fall.

double decade Trailer Mack dawg from Niller on Vimeo.

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