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Blogger Comments Setup

I just decided that I will open comments on this blog. I know this is some info that you, the only reader that came to this sorry excuse of a page could not live without. But I need more blogposts so that this blog has some blogposts and that it does not look like an empty blog without blogposts.... You know, more content is always better.

So how to enable comments on Blogger? It's so easy even a monkey can do it (I'm crossing my fingers, I hope I succeed so I don't turn out to be less than a monkey... no offense all the monkeys out there).

To setup the comments in Blogger just go to blogger control panel, click on settings and then on comments. And if you are not a monkey things should be pretty obvious. Now for my personal monkey test - can you see comments under this post. If not then send me a banana... please.

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