This is "my" mashed&smashed up personal blog where I try to post useful stuff for people that are into sports, people that want technology to for for them and not vice versa, people looking for solutions to mobile phone problems especially Nokia and Android related, people that are interested in SEO in making money online and more...

The real iPhone agenda

First, again I must confess what is the point of this post - same as usual. Read some of my other post to get the idea. It's not telling people how to improve their websites but letting them watch me while I spill all sorts of crap to fill these blogposts with come words, text, content that gives iPhone users someting to read while the follow the sites I recommend. iPhone users? What the hell?

Well this articles is about iPone. Everybody writes about iPhone these days, the new 3g iPhone has just come out. No wonder. If you want to read a nice review of 3g iPhone... but the point is this old post...huh.. it's not actually old, its just a bit before todys iPhone madness. The point is - Apple iPhone is not just a phone, it's Mac Nano. It has Mac OSX installed and people buying iPhones will get used to Mac OSX and there is only a short step from here to Mac world domination :) You can read about the real iPhone agenda great stuff, I must say.

Mixed Food Recipes

We might be geting borring but this is how stuff works. You need to give some to get some. Give and take. Give and get. Perfect balance in nature and in life. The equilibrium of the universe. We got carried away. But by bookmarking recipe websites that I like I help them become better and stronger websites. Like this Mixed Food Recipes site for instance. They have all sorts of recipes for delicious meals.It's not just one of those blogspot fill it with crap blogs. So I like it.

Oh, and a fact that it links to a certain site has nothing to do with it. Honest! :)

Keep It Simple Stupid

If you come to this blog and don't click away right at the same moment (which is probably what you do) you might ask yourself why the hell is this blog so ugly? With all the fancy widgets, plugins, pictures, networks you can connect to and proudly display their badges, why are there no I love cats, Google maps of my last years hollidays and other crap... where is all that?

Keep It Simple Stupid!

All that things just overweight the blog (... or any website for that matter) - make it slower, heavier and less SEO friendly and actually - they don't add anything to the value of your blog. It's what you write that matters!

There is one more thing here - if you want to earn some money from your websites or blogs - all the glitter is just a distraction. You want content, that brings people to your website and you want adds so you can monetize it. Everything else is just a distraction that keeps your visitors from clicking on your ads.

Instead the click on your Flicker pictures, your In what mood am I widget... you get the point.

So keep it simple stupid! :)

Are Mashed Potatoes Any Good?

Now this blog over here is really something. It's about healthy food and it publishes recipes that are easy to make and are healthy so you don't get fat, get sick or something. And again, what do you know - they are writing about mashed potatoes. And there is also a mashed potato recipe over there titled Are Mashed Potatoes Any Good?

Coincidence you think? And coincidence that I'm writing about it. No very likely... you should have known that by now :). This might go against some of your views, you might be thinking why would I promote this mashed potatoes recipe that is not even on my site? I'm doing all the hard work and it's not even directly for myself.

Well (oh my gosh, here I go again) sometimes it pays of to be altruistic and you have to take a little chance. You night get screwed, but on the other hand, you might get quite some benefits from that. And we are not talking just mashed potatoes benefits here :).

Watch and learn baby, watch and learn... khm... actually you might want to wait until I tell you that this worked and I have put my mashed potatoes recipe site on top spot in google. Until then...

Cherry Banana Smoothie

Well, this is a recipe that is not really a recipe because it's so short and simple. I just must write a few things so this post is not so short that it does not make any sense and it end up being irrelevant to search engines. If you look closely at this Cherry Banana Smoothie recipe, you will notice the is a link to another recipe site there. Yep. That's one of my sites. So what am I doing with this recipe for banana smoothie?

Well (second well, I really must stop using well all the time...), it goes something like this. Let's say I have a recipe site I want to promote. I like cooking, food, recipes and I like also to make some money from the recipes I publish. So I need visitors to my recipes sites like that banana bread one over there. Visitors come from search engines (the best ones) and... hell, I'm sure you already know all this. So I'll just explain why I'm writing this post.

The link to my banana bread recipe site in this banana smoothie recipe is permanent. That means it will stay forever (if I can count on the owner :)). This gives me a chance that instead of chasing around for more links I strengthen the links I've already got. I do this by writing this piece of no good making no sense post about cherry banana smoothies and banana bread recipes and stick it to this blog.

Yeah, this is the reason for having this blog. To write some crap and get some benefits from it. You might see people talking about it all the time, but you dont actually see people doing it. So read this and see how it's done :). Al least I do it this way. Does it work?

Well (for the third time, damn it). It kind of does. :) Anyway...since it's really hot over here right now... I might as well really make myself a cold banana cherry smoothie.

Unitl later....