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How to disconnect Nokia (N85) from PC suite?

This goes from any mobile phone, any Nokia phone that uses PC Suite. If you connect your phone to the PC as if it is a USB mass memory drive, a flash drive then you will get the standard icon in your taskbar that shows you that some kind of external memory is connected to the PC. Here you simply click on the icon and select safely remove + your Nokia phone.

But what if you are connected with PC Suite? How to disconnect Nokia (N85) from PC suite?

If you are connected to PC Suite then there will be no icon in the taskbar and no way to click the safely remove option.

First let me explain what is the purpose of safely remove option - it is just a simple precaution that you would not disconnect your external memory (your phone in this case) while data is being written to it. If you disconnected in that moment then you could have some problems. So safely remove just waits until there is no data transfer and then tells you its ok to unplug your usb drive.

So if you are connected using PC Suite then do the following:
  1. Finish what you are doing in PC Suite
  2. Close PC Suite - so you are sure no data is being transfered between your Nokia phone and PC and
  3. unplug the cable.
That's it.


  1. Thanks Dude.. Thanks for explaining the Safely Remove thing.. I'll disconnect my Nokia at peace..

  2. I also worried about this...Tnx..

  3. me also had same doubt..
    tanx buddi..

  4. Why dont they just have a disconnect button?
    Asif Naseer

  5. Yeah where is the disconnect button?

  6. thnkx buddy. i was worrying abt the same.