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Bread online

Another great blog that just happens to share a link to one of my sites is this Bread blog. I really like bread, well not like ordinary bread but I like all the bread variations that you can get in a good bakery or even make at home. Baking bread is quite easy actually. I'm not going into details but bascially all you need is flour and water. And the results of homemade bread?

Yummy! Do you know why hamburger or hot dog buns or even toast stays fresh for so long? you can leave them for a week and the will still be just as good? It's not because they are "Sooo great", quite the opposite - it's because the have so many artificial substances that make them stay fresh for that long. So a homemade bread will get hard or mouldy in a few days, but for a day or two it will taste like no bought bread you ever tasted. Well...if you skip that reall good bakery that I mentioned before.

Anyway, just try making bread at home and taste the difference. and it's really easy. It has nothing to do with links and internet marketing but it's fun :)


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