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3g iPhone Review

iPhone. Well, yeah...right.It kicks ass. If you like it or not Apple is a few steps ahead of the competitors when it comes to technology and Apple is more than a few steps ahead when it comes to design and buzz that Apple products make. Naturally people will hate success and find all sorts of mistakes in the new 3g iPhone. If you want more info on what the new iPhone brings check out this 3g iPhone review. I'm not here to give out details, this post is more about my wiev of Apple and new 3g iPhone.

Its good and it's cheap. There are always people that are "dissapointed" because the new iPhone does not have that something that that person needs to have, but it has averything that it needs to be simple to use, flashy to impress chicks and your friends, good enought to surf the web and more.

As I said in the last Zecco Review post, I recently started trading with Zecco online trader and one of the stocks i purchased is Apple. Why? Not only because, but also because the new iPhone. The success of the first generation iPhone was big. But when you think of it - still very limited. Limited to United States, limited to certain operators. It was pricey for Europe where 400$ iPhone turns into 400€ iPhone (currently exchange rate is 1.57$ for 1€) and at the end, there were only a fwe countries where you could get it.

Now the new 3g iPhone will bi available in more that 70 states (if I remember it right), imagine the market?

Apple will expand their Apple sotres which are the most bang for square foot stores in teh world. And they wioll start offering third party apps for iPhone. These are all tangible things that IMHO make Apple a good investment even now, when it's price is much higher than it was years ago.

And if I would want to develop my thoguhts even further... I'm sure people from Apple have something new up their sleeves. This ends this 3g iPhone review that turned into an explanation why I bought Apple shares. Well anyway, till next time :)

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