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How to format mass memory card on Nokia N85?

I think I'll make a special post about this, since people keep getting lost in my post about the Nokia N85 video freezing. So how do you format mass memory card on Nokia N85?

Formating memory card on your phone:
  1. Open Tools 
  2. choose File manager (File mgr.) 
  3. choose Memory card
  4. choose Options
  5. choose Memory card options
  6. choose Format
After format you will see that the memory card is not completely empty. There will be some empty directories already on the formated that are automatically created by the phone. Always format your memory card using your phone, don't format it using your PC.


  1. Thanks. I couldn't do it in windows 7. U've just saved my life.

  2. Is there any other way of formatting as mine says that memory card corrupted and no option to format.