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Food, Recipes and Blogging

This will be one of those - How To Blog - posts. And with this blog I plan to break just about every rule known to man about how you should blog. How you should blog meaning if you want to be successful and if you treat your blog as your personal online bussines of some sort, your pet project. If you don't care at all about how your blog looks like than it doesn't matter, hell, I you don't care you probably don't even read posts like these that will tell you what to do or what not to do with your blog. No let me make myself a sandwich...

Sandwich recipe

I love whole wheat bread... that homemade whole wheat bread that gets dry and crumbly if you leave it outside for a day. WTF you ask? You know why bread, buns... things from the supermarket stay fresh, moist and soft even after a week? Because they are filled with chemicals that keep them fresh, moist and soft even after a week. Homemade wholewheat bread has none of this. If you leave it outside it will get dry. If you leave it in the plastic bag it will get moldy. If you eat it you won't be sorry.

So one slice of homemade whole wheat bread, a spread of young cheese, two slices of chicken breasts, a pickle, a salad leaf, and some Old Amsterdam cheese. Yummy.

now lets go on...

Which rules I intend to break?

Lets make a list:

  1. Post regularly. I don't want to. I don't have time, I don't have inspiration and I have lots of other websites to maintain. So I will post whenever I feel like posting. Like now for instance (the feeling is fading slowly as this post gets longer :) ). You should post regularly to get and keep you readers. Well, I don't want them. I just want a blog that will give great links to my other sites. A blog that will be liked by Google, not people. Sorry.
  2. Stick to one topic. I hate.... I HATE blogs that write about everything. They are a bunch of loooosers. Decide what your blog is about and write about that. People also don't visit your blog to find out that you just ate a sandwich (got you) when they expect that you will be writing about how you earn money on the internet, what is the latest seo trick etc... or they don't want to read about the latest recipes if your every second post is a poem or a photography. Blogs that write about everything suck. S-U-C-K! So I'll write about everything. This is where the stupid title Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money comes from.
  3. Make your blog beautiful. Lots of pictures, fancy template, nice and matching colors, a few banners, great logo and header, lots of widgets, plugins, tags about what stupid shit you support that no one cares about. All this takes time, so you wont find it here. Just plain and stupid text with word after word after word.
That's it mostly. There are lots of other rules, but these are the ones that I'll be breaking most of the time. If you want your blog to be supercool, don't break them. If you want to be so uncool you are actually cool, break them :).

More from Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money later.

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