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AdSense: Samo more AdSense rabmlings

It's been to long since my last post. I've been busy. Busy doing other things. Other things being things that are not connected to Nokia phones (except using mine), AdSense earnings, building links, dissing Joomla templates, posting on blogs, trying out recipes (but still ate lots of great food during the holidays) ... etc, you get it.

But the greatest thing about making money online is - passive income.

Correct that - it can be passive income.

If you have a business model that requires you to write a blog post every day then this is work. If you have sites that sit No.1 in Google and collect clicks from visitors then you don't have to do a damn thing. Then you have passive income.

Not only did I not move even my pinky (I'm lying, I did make one new website, but it's still in the workshop not bringing any money, but I didn't touch my old sites) but my adsense earning blasted all over the place during the holidays.

I even got to the point when I had to start working again - making sure that my host wouldn't cancel my site because of the traffic overload. Some emails to support, a wordpress super cache plugin and a few nerves later things got back to normal. And I can gladly report that my new daily AdSense record is between 140 and 150$ (can't really remember, being lazy :)).

Things turned back sour after the holidays but it got my heart pumping seeing some high numbers in my adsense account. It's a great morale boost and the reason I am working on another site these days.

So what's the point? There is none... well... or maybe this - if you want to have passive income then give some thought to the type of sites you will be building. Sites that constantly need to be updated? Running campaigns that need your everyday attention? Sites the will be obsolete in a year? Etc... this are all examples of sites that I do not see as bearers of passive income. Be lazy and pick the right one.