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I was just reading through some info on Aztecs and... stop! Why the hell would I want to read about Aztecs and Tenochtitlan you ask? Well, one reason is that this is the site I own and this babble here is just something to promote it (yeah, this in one of the ways to do it:) ) and second - Aztecs were a bunch of crazy motherfuckers (sorry). The stone temples in the shape of pyramids covered with blood of the sacrificed prisoners and Aztec themselves that all that wanted their whole life is to have their heart ripped from their chest while they were still alive on the top of the Atzec temple slash pyramid and then their lifeless body thrown down the pyramid stairs. Not you everyday life goal.

Anyway... so I was reading about Tenochtitlan: "Aztec city of Tenochtitlan was one of the largest and best organized cities in the world. When was the city founded and when did it end up in ruins - the history of the city and its most important buildings...." (this was the promotion part, notice the link, feel free to follow it:)

Back to crazy mofos... ancient history, ancient heroes and warriors, big battles and all that Lord Of The Rings stuff is really interesting. At least to me. This is the second reason that I was just reading through some info on Aztecs and...
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