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Surfboard and Board Bag Type Guide

Nazare peaks

I've just returned from another Portugal trip. This time I was finally able to check out Nazare. It was 25-30ft swell at 15seconds. Huge! But the wind was too strong and surfing was not possible. Still....it was quite a mother natures spectacle. Here are a few photos that I've made from those giant waves.

Besides that - I have finally finished my ultimate surfboard type guide. If you have ever wondered what is a Shortboard (Thruster, Quad, Bonzer), Step Up Board, Step Down Board, Hybrid, Egg, Fish (Hybrid Fish, Lis Fish), Longboard (Mal) (Log), Mini-mal (Mini Malibu), Funboard,Mini Gun / Semi Gun, Gun, Rhino Chaser, Tow Board, Aerial Board, Alaia, Planing Hull and Mini Simmons, Softboard and Softtop, Surfmat, Kneeboard, Paipo Board, Bodyboard (Boogieboard), (Hydro)Foil Surfboard, Skimboard... this is the article to ckeck out.

And if you are going on a trip you will also want to check out packing tips and a guide to surfboard bags. Which features to look for and stuff like that... Here it is.

Sorry for posting so much surfing related stuff lately but this is whats going on in my life and at the end I enjoy working on my action sports blog the most from all websites.