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Are Mashed Potatoes Any Good?

Now this blog over here is really something. It's about healthy food and it publishes recipes that are easy to make and are healthy so you don't get fat, get sick or something. And again, what do you know - they are writing about mashed potatoes. And there is also a mashed potato recipe over there titled Are Mashed Potatoes Any Good?

Coincidence you think? And coincidence that I'm writing about it. No very likely... you should have known that by now :). This might go against some of your views, you might be thinking why would I promote this mashed potatoes recipe that is not even on my site? I'm doing all the hard work and it's not even directly for myself.

Well (oh my gosh, here I go again) sometimes it pays of to be altruistic and you have to take a little chance. You night get screwed, but on the other hand, you might get quite some benefits from that. And we are not talking just mashed potatoes benefits here :).

Watch and learn baby, watch and learn... khm... actually you might want to wait until I tell you that this worked and I have put my mashed potatoes recipe site on top spot in google. Until then...

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