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How To Put The Blogspot Post Title Before The Blog Title?

If you want your blog to be more SEO friendly than try this trick. It is important what stands first in the title field. The title field determines what will be visible on the top let corner of your browser and what will be visible in the search engine results. Words that are closer to the beginnig are considered more important and also - if your title is very long it can be clipped at the end. This can happen pretty fast if your blog name is long and is always in the first place. So how to change that, how to put the post title first and blog titles second on Blogger / Blogspot?

Open your template HTML and find the first line of code (the first title...), then replace it with what is written under it:

And save and you are done! Now your blog post title will come before the blog title.

When will Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, sNews, 19Pages... be updated?

I hope Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, sNews, 19Pages... will NEVER be updated!!!!!!


Because! :)))

1. If a script needs to be updated it means that there were bugs in it, there were security risks, there were problems, there were sites getting hacked, possibly my sites. Sites that I made, optimized, sites that are making money, sites that I might have forgotten to backup. So any security risk is a direct risk for my passive income :). Now who want a lower paycheck raise your arms! That is the firs reason I hate updates. I know update is also the time for new features and options but still... if it aint broken - don't fix it. And second and (more) important thing...

2. Time wasted! If you have one website that is your puppy, that you know every character of code personally... then you I guess can not wait for an update. Weeeee, let's see what is new, what new features are there, weeeee they changed the admin template, now it is soooo cooool. Weeee... Great. I have 30 websites and I need to update 30 websites. Weee? Yeah, right. I need to backup the site (which I don't because I'm to lazyI), update the site, solve the usual problems, solve the unusual problems, try to remember all the modifications I made, how I made them and why are they not working now, fix the extensions that are not working... Arrgghhhhhh. Even if everything goes smoothly it still takes time. and you need to do it so your scripts and CMS are secure and upto date.

And this is why I hate when Wordpress is upadated, whene the new version of Joomla comes out etc...

What CMS do I use for making websites - A review!

So I talked a bit now and then that I own a few websites and that this blog is a...hm... kind of a support blog for these websites. Support blog to get some links out and a cool and legitiamte blog where I could post anyting that I find interesting online or off. Anyway. Forget that. This post is about how do I make my websites and what CMS do I use!

First of all - what the hell is a CMS?

CMS is short for Content Management System. Content can be anything from text, to pictures, to videos... Management means that you use a script, a program, something the helps you write, add, delete, arrange, list, sort etc.. your content. This means that (in theory) you do not need to know anything about things like HTML, CSS, PHP... Everything is done through an interface that is usually simple enough to understand. Why I said in theory? Because sooner or later (believe me, it will be sooner!!:) ) you will want to make some changes to your CMS, use it an a way that was not originally meant to be used...even if it is just a simple change, you will need to know a few things about HTML and CSS. These two can take you a long way. And PHP? I only know so much that I know what I can and what I can not tuck and delete :). And system is well...whatever.

So CMS is something that you install on a server and you have a website. What content management systems do I use?


Joomla! is one of the most popular free and open source CMS out there. It's popular because it's good and simple for beginners to use. Because it is so popular there a tousands of extenstions, plugins, components, free Joomla templates and other things like that that will help you turn your Joomla website into what you want it to be. And because it is so popular it is also very popular to say that Joomla sucks and pretend that you are soooooo cooler than all the people that use Joomla. Well it doesn't suck. The only (maybe) downside to it is that it is quite a large CMS with lots and lots of files. so it is not the best thing if you just want to make a small simple website.
Pro: you can turn it into anything you want, it's free, great community that will help you, great community that constantly pumps out new extensions, it's pretty simple to understand
Con: it's big, so don't use it for a 4 page website.


I have been using sNews for a while now and its all that Joomla is not. It's soooo small that the whole CMS is packed into one singe file!!! And it can still do a lot of things while it looks more like..well a CMS that is run from a single file. The backend in spartan, but the templates are really easy to understand and modify.
Pro: simple, free, great for small sites, still can do a lot of things, it's not updated regularly (I'll explain later why I like that lol)
Con: it's not very fancy, it's not so expandable, you can not really turn it into much more than a content website, and what I hate most - you have no text editor out of the box.


Some people just love Wordpress and the go and turn it into every possible website out there. But if I tell you the truth - Wordpress is meant for writting blogs. It's perfect for that and it's perfect to make simple websites that pretend not to be blogs. For everything else just use Joomla. Since WP is also very popular you can find lots of free extensions and plugins (check here for top wordpress plugins) that will help you modify your website.
Pro: great for blog, simple to setup, fancy templates
Con: templates look cool but the templating system is WTF? at least if you are a beginner, chaningn wordpress templates for beginners is a pain in the ass, you need to know HTML, CSS and PHP and you need to know how Wordpress works. This sucks. Also admin backed is a bit confusing for me but you'll get used to it.


This one is a gem for all niche website makers. Is there a CMS that you install simply by saving it on the server and it works. No creating MySQL databases, no users, no crap... you upload it and it works? Is there? Yes it is and it is called 19 pages (it was meant that there are at most 19 pages on a niche website, if there are more it's not a niche website anymore...but you can turin it into CMS that allows more that 19 pages without a problem). So yes - 19 pages saves your articles into text files.
Pro: it's so simple even a monkey could install it, template system is also so simple that a monkey could teach another monkey how to change and modify your template (the same goes for sNews btw...).
Con: you need to modify the script to post more than 19 pages, since it is so simple it's really simple :) you might miss a few things but hey - if you want something complex use wordpress or Joomla.

That's it! These are the 4 CMSs that I use and all of my websites are made using these. No website is made by hand in Dreamweaver or smthng like that. Then of course there are websites that use free online platforms like this blog on blogger. But this is another story.

I will use the next post to explain why I hate CMS updates. I hope all the updates die and rot in hell :). Stay tuned (who am I kidding, I'm the only one reading this blog).

Will do-follow comments bring you web traffic?

Since this blog is mostly related to websites I make money from and it's a part of the shhhhh...farm of websites, which is still much to small. Right. Anyway... so I thought it would also be nice if I would write a few posts about how to generate web traffic.

As far as I am concerned there are two ways of bringing traffic to a website:

1. Search engine traffic.
2. All the other crap :).

If you want to have a constant surge of fresh people coming to your website, a source of traffic that will not cease as soon as you stop writing, commenting, submitting, kicking and screaming and being an attention whore, a source of traffic that can pretty easy be monetized - then you want search engine traffic.

If you don't want any of the above mentioned things then you can look for other sources of traffic. Traffic like people coming to your website from comments on other blogs, from websites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and other social bookmarking websites, traffic from your advertising on other websites, bought traffic etc... This kind of traffic is either expensive or it's not worth much if you want to make some money from it.

Getting the first kind of traffic is all about getting on the top o the search engines rankings. There are many (many many many many...) factors that influence where in the search rankings will you appear, but the most important one is links with the right anchor. So getting links should be one of your priorities.

There are many methods of getting links. Some even include links from sites that otherwise fall under the second category of traffic sources. So yes - you can get links from social sites or you can get links from other blogs. Just be aware that if you are getting links from other blogs in the form of comments - most of the blogs today have a no-follow tag on their links.

What the hell is a no-follow tag? It is a tag that tells the search engine spider that this link should not be worth anything, that it should not pass any juice, that it has no value. So if you want to get links from the comments on other blog then look for blogs that have a dofollow plugin instaled. This dofollow plugin will remove the nofollow tag and links will be worth something.

So gettin' links from dofollow blogs will help you get search engine traffic. Yey! (just make sure you include your keyword in the anchor). Comments are not worth much even with dofollow enabled but ask yourself - what is better: A link that is not worth much or no link. Right.Sitting and thinking this doesn't work and that doesn't work means you are just sitting and doing nothing. Get of your ass and be active.

Maybe one more thing - if you own a blog you can get some traffic on it if you install a dofollow blog yourself. People will come to your blog and they will try to make "usefull" comments on your posts that would bring them link juice if you approve their comments. This kind of traffic is not worth much and the comments will be in the range of: "U, great article" to "I like your site" to "I agree" to "Nice template" to "I will look into that, thanks!" to something even more obvious... you can almost always spot a comment that was written deliberately for getting a link.

Well, when you think about it, why not. Give some links, it won't kill you. to bad that Blogger blogs all have nofollow comments that can not be removed.

Til nect time.

How to cancel a PayPal subscription?

It happens all the time. There is some special offer that lets you test drive a super cool service for lets say a month or so for a ridiculously low price. So you make the payment through PayPal and enjoy. What you must keep in mind is that you have probably created a subscription to that service and that only the first month (or whatever that crazy offer was) will cost you peanuts. Next month will be charged full price and you will have to pay it since you are subscribed. So how do you cancel a PayPal subscription?

1. Login to PayPal
2. Go to History
3. Look for the "Show" drop down box and Select "Subscriptions"
4. Select a time frame. You need to select a time frame that is long enough to catch the day when you subscribed. Because only the first payment is marked as subscription. All the following payments are labeled simple as payments.
5. Press submit.
6. You will see a list of entries that are named "Subscription Creation"
7. Click on the entry and click cancel subscription.
8. You get an Are you sure page where you need to confirm the cancelation.
9. And you are done

10. Your PayPal subscription is canceled.

I know this will come in handy sometimes. If not for you then it will for me.. :)

How to format mass memory card on Nokia N85?

I think I'll make a special post about this, since people keep getting lost in my post about the Nokia N85 video freezing. So how do you format mass memory card on Nokia N85?

Formating memory card on your phone:
  1. Open Tools 
  2. choose File manager (File mgr.) 
  3. choose Memory card
  4. choose Options
  5. choose Memory card options
  6. choose Format
After format you will see that the memory card is not completely empty. There will be some empty directories already on the formated that are automatically created by the phone. Always format your memory card using your phone, don't format it using your PC.

Nokia N 85 PC Suite vs Mass Memory

I am still playing with my new Nokia N85 phone and I got quite a few questions regarding PC Suite and Mass Memory. When you plug the mini USB cable into your Nokia N85 and the other end into your PC the phone asks you if you want the connection to be PC Suite or Mass memory.

What is the difference between PC Suite and Mass Memory?

If you choose mass memory your phone and your 8Gb memory card will act as it is an ordinary memory stick. You can use your windows explorer, finder..whatever to copy, paste and move the files from and on to the phone. But you can not use PC Suite to operate the phone.

On the other hand PC Suite connection gives you possibility to use commands in the Nokia PC Suite. If you use PC Suite connection type you can backup your phone data, upgrade it, tranfer pctures and videos using pc suite (you can do the same using mass memory and explorer) and the option I like best - you can use your PC to sort, delete and send messages. Ordinary keyboard is still the fastest way to type a SMS...not to mention that you can simply copy paste things from your PC into the message.

So that is the difference.

By the way, I think I wrote about how I wanted to buy a G1 pgone before you bought my N85. I've found some great G1 Phone Accessories. Not saying I am not happy with my choice. N85 ROCKS!!!

Solution: My N85 Nokia Video Is Freezing and Skipping

I have just bought the new Nokia N85 mobile phone and I love it. The love was shortly interrupted the day when I took my first video. The video quality is pretty cool for a phone, but the video froze and skipped and it was unwatchable. When I started the recording the first few seconds went smoothly but then picture froze, skipped, froze again etc... At first I thought that this was only happening in the preview screen and that the video itslef would be fine. But when I uploaded the wideo to PC the problem was still there. Nokia N85 video freezes. Yikes! Now what?

How can I stop my Nokia N85 video from freezing?

I searched the web for possible solutions to this problem and here is what I've found... what follows is a short review and description of solutions to this problem:

1. Upgrade your Nokia N85 firmware
Booohuuu. Some people say that this worked for them, but it didn't work for me. Moving on....

2. Change the video setting so N85 saves the video to your phone, not the memory card
This is the fastes solution if you need to shoot a video that doesn't freeze right away. Since the space on your Nokia N85 is limited this is only a short term solution, you will probably run out of space in no time. And that would be pretty pathetic with 8Gb space on your memory card. So I have found a better, but more time consuming solution. Still, if you want to use this solution follow these steps:
- start your N85 camera in video mode
- choose options
- choose settings
- scroll down and change Memory location from card to phone.
Your video is now being recorded to the phones internal memory and it wont skip and freeze anymore. So abviously the video freezing problem lies in the Nokia N85 memory card.

3. Format the memory card on your N85
I am not sure why, but this works! If you do not want to loose the data you have on your Nokia N85 memory card follow this:

- plug your N85 into the computer using USB cable
- when your phone asks you for the type of connection choose Mass Memory  (not PC Suite), this will make your Nokia behave like an USB memory stick
- open the memory card in Windows explorer and copy all the directories and files onto your computer
- disconnect the phone from PC (I'm not sure if this is necessary but it's better to be on the safe side)
- format the memory card using your phone. How do you format a memory card on Nokia N85? Open Tools -> File manager (File mgr.) -> choose Memory card -> Options -> Memory card options -> Format
- reconnect your N85 to PC and again choose Mass memory
- copy back all the files and directories that you before coped to your PC. There will be some empty directories already on the formated card but don't worry, you can overwrite them.
- That's it.

Now you Nokia N85 video camera is fully functional and ready to roll.