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Fish Oil And The Benefits Of Taking It?

First let me say that when I was a kid I never tried fish oil, nor did I know anyone that did :). Why am I saying that? Because when I was a kid the only time when I saw fish oil was on TV in some kids movie or series where an old and not very kind aunt (or mother, or stepmother or whatever) forced a spoon full of fish oil down some kids throat and he ran away screaming and with his face in spasms like a torture mask. So I did not have a very good opinion on fish oil.

But with things going eco, green, natural and back to basics we more and more start to see that some of the old remedies work just as good as the new ones if not better. So I went on to a Google hunt for fish oil and fish oil benefits.

Why on earth should you take fish oil and is it still so yucky that you run away screaming when you take a sip? I guess not, today you can get it in a shape of tasteless tablets that eliminate the taste...at least I presume that was the reason those kids didn't like it :).

So, what are the results and what are the benefits of fish oil? Here is a collection of articles I've found on fish oil:

It seems that fish oil is a pretty damn useful thing, worth looking into it. After reading all this I might even start taking it, I just need to overcome those childhood "kids screaming and running away memories".

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