This is "my" mashed&smashed up personal blog where I try to post useful stuff for people that are into sports, people that want technology to for for them and not vice versa, people looking for solutions to mobile phone problems especially Nokia and Android related, people that are interested in SEO in making money online and more...

My Average Daily AdSense Income was 42$ in July

I haven't posted anything in a while. Blogging kind of gets old. You loose motivation from time to time. Especially if you have more than one site to run. It's not that fun anymore, I mean...when I start writing then it suddenly become fun once again but the thought of it - like "I should probably write another post for my Mashed up blog..." feels like work. Anyway, this blog is doing kind of OK. It gets from 20- 30 visitors a day which is cool for no promotion at all. And the visitors come from search engines looking for keywords I tried to include in my posts. Which seems to be working. Now what about that Adnense income, my AdSense earnings?

AdSense is not present on this blog but on a few of my other sites. Sites that don't need any fresh content... luckily lol. It has grown for about 10$ in the last couple of months, before it was around 30$ a day and now it is around 40$.

Is this a lot? It can seem a lot when you are just starting out. Those first cents, first clicks... you feel like you are miles away from your first check. At that time 40$/day would seem like icecream in these hot days.

But when I got here I started to wonder how much income a day would be enough? Enough to quit my day job, pay all the taxes and continue my lifestyle (which is not that expensive ). What do you think?

I know that I could soon probably double or tripple that income if I took in this online money earning thingy full time. In the last half of the year... hell, I think it was even longer I haven't done much more than wrote 2 or 3 blogposts. No new sites, no new links, no work at all.

Thanks to the nature of this bussiness AdSense is passive income. It comes even if you are a lazy SOB that doesn't lift is finger. That is once you start the ball rolling.

What is the purpose of this rant...

Hmm... anyway - what do you think, how high should your average daily internet money income be to quit your job?