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How To Start A Youtube Video At A Certain Time (minutes, seconds)

It happens all the time. There is a clip on Youtube and you want to show a funny, interesting, weird, educational, embarrassing, crazy, naked, stupid... moment to your friends. Or you want to reference something in a video. Or you want to...blah blah blah.

Basically you want the video to start at a certain time so that the viewer doesn't have to wait or fast forward to the section in question. So instead of saying - check out this video and watch for the 1:45 you can simply point to the video so it starts at that exact time.

How do you do that? How do you start a YouTube video at a certain time?

You just need to add this to the end of you videos URL:


For instance, if you want to see Megan Fox in bed covered with just a pink blanket don't go just to

go straight to

That's it, enjoy!

Pancakes time!

I love pancakes. I love the thick American pancakes but I especially like the French type - thin crepe pancakes. Filled with Nutella. Yummy. I used to eat pancakes almost everyday when I was a kid. It seem this pancake love stuck with me until today.

So? The crazy weird thing is that I have never ever learned how to make pancakes myself. Until recently. I shaved my beard of shame, fired up my Firefox (3.6 is faster then the previous version I think, thumbs up. also like the personas) anyway - I have found some cool pancake recipes.

Now you would think that I would probably fist go and learn how to make pancakes that I used to eat every day - the thin French crepes. But no :) The first pancakes I have ever made myself (without any help) were these Chinese pancakes. LOL. They are not even real pancakes. But I did use some chopped spring onions and they tasted great.

And this concludes todays "where the hell did this came from" post on my mashed up blog.