This is "my" mashed&smashed up personal blog where I try to post useful stuff for people that are into sports, people that want technology to for for them and not vice versa, people looking for solutions to mobile phone problems especially Nokia and Android related, people that are interested in SEO in making money online and more...

Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money... ALL THAT?

One thing I would like to make clear but I can't make it clear before I decide it for myself. Is this one of those "how to make money online blogs"? Brrrrrr... even the name gives me the shivers. I hate all those so called make money online blogs, because there are sooo many many many (many many... to many, like yaaaawn, good morning, today I will start a blog...hm...what should I write about, well lets write about how to earn a few buck on the Internet, I heard there is good money in that...clap clap, yeah real original) of them and they all keep puking out the came rehashed crap over and over again. How to write a good post, how to get more RSS subscribers, how to make your title attract hot chicks that will wash your car in their bikinis (ups, sorry, that one is from another blog...actually, I should make a blogpost about that), how to totally persuade people to join some crappy affiliate program that is THE NEXT BIG THING since Google...no, really. Yuck!

But on the other hand, I do have a few websites and they do bring me some pocket money every now and then. And this blog is titled so stupidly Food, Recipes, Sports, History and Money because my sites are about those things and the general idea so far with this blog is to have a blog so general that I can throw anything on it. From hot chicks washing my car in their bikinis..

The only problem is, I hate that kind of blogs. Blogs about everything and nothing. Blogs where you can learn that the writer is not in the good mood today and that he had cereals for breakfast... God, now I can die happy. BTW, I had no breakfast yet and this is one of the reasons I am in a bad mood :)

Anyway, until I clear this out with myself, this is not.... I repeat NOT, a make money on the Internet blog. So go and check those crazy Aztecs instead :).