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How To Upgrade Joomla Easy, Fast, Simple

There is a new version of the Joomla CMS - Joomla 1.5.11. It's just a minor upgrade, some security patches... when you have security patches it is always a good idea to upgrade...and every time there is an upgrade there are security patches so it is wise to upgrade everytime a new version is released.

It is also better to wait for a couple of days so that all possible mishaps the can go together with new release are ironed out.

No, how to upgrade Joomla in 5 seconds?

1. If you don have it already - download and install this component. Ninja Xplorer is at the moment the best file manager for Joomla out there. Since the original Joomla Xplorer got to bulky and complicated, and slow and... whatever. Ninja is lightweight, fast and it doues what it's needs to do and nothing else.

2. Download the latest Joomla version - just download the patch. What is the patch? It is an archive (zip...) of files that were changed from the previous version of Joomla. Make sure you get the right one. If you were a bit slow and forgot to upgrade, you need a different patch that if you are up to date. For instance - if you have Joomla 1.5.09 then you need 1.5.09 to 1.5.11 patch. If you are up to date you need 1.5.10 to 1.5.11 patch.

3. Using Ninja Xplorer upload the patch to the root directory. This is the directory that has joomla in it (the directory with all other Joomla directories and files like configuration.php etc...)

4. Use Ninja Xplorer to extract the upgrade patch and your Joomla upgrade is done!

It takes you less than 5 seconds!

Now every how to upgrade joomla instructions also tell you to backup everything before you upgrade anything but to be honest - I never do. I think it's a waste of time :) and just something you need to say so in case anything goes wrong with the upgrade noone can blame you since you can always say: "Yeah, but did you backup everything?".

So long...