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Zecco Review

What the hell is Zecco? And why does it need it's own Zecco review :)? Well, I found out about Zecco through a financial newspaper, where someone did an article how he uses Zecco for stock trading. This was not an advertisment, he was simply explaining from his own experience how he uses Zecco to invest in stocks. The thing that caught my eye was - "free stock trades" or zero stock trades or something like that. That means you can buy and sell stocks without paying anything for the service, of course you have to pay for the stocks you buy...duh! Since I earn some US dollars from time to time from my online projects and pages (actually I get just a few houndred buck a month from AdSense and that's mostly it...) I decided that I will try and invest some of that money.

So I joined Zecco and I also started a little Zecco Review blog about my quest to make money by trading US stocks. First I will try and explain everything you need to know about Zecco, thing like how to oppen Zecco account, how to fund your Zecco account, how to buy stocks, is it safe, do you earn interest on your idle cash, are they any good...etc.

Later... or I guess at the same time, I will write about the stocks I buy and why I buy them and how succesfull am I. Let me tell you that so far I'm not very successful :) But I think with the current market condition this is kind of expected. SO anyway, if you need so info about Zecco, visit my Zecco review blog. Cheers.

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