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One More Thing I Like About Blogger

So far I have used two hostings for my sites. Actually I am still using them. One is Hostgator (oh, no, no affiliate refferal link lol) and the second one is resellerzoom. First I was with resellerzoom and it was just great. you can host as many sites as you want, no problem. You have your own cpanel, WHM, every site has its own cpanel... when I think of it it's even a bit to many options for me. I mean, I just want to put up a small info site.

Anyway, resellerzoom is turning into a crap hosting. It's cheap but helf the time it works like a dead horse. I used Internet Speed Monitor on my sites a couple of times and the results suck! They suck big time.

I have to install Wordpress super cache on all my wordpress sites just to get them to open. This is also why I think wordpress sucks. It is the slowest and most resource consuming CMS I know. I host Joomla and a couple of smaller CMS sites on the same hosting and at least they open up. Wordpress keeps giving my MySLQ error. Anyway, why don't I move to another hosting?

I AM LAZY :). 80% of my sites work fine since they are not on wordpress and it's just too much work to move everything.

But I did move some wordpress sites to Hostgator and it's 100% better that resellerzoom. Sites work lightning fast. I again checked them with Internet Speed Monitor and the difference is quite obvious.

Yeah. About the Blogger.

It's fast. Faster that resellerzoom and sometimes also faster that hostgator. And it's free. and no cpanel hassle, no hosting problems etc...

long live Blogger. :)

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