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More Food - Cooking Cajun Style

More food :). Yeah, I've been doing some reading on Cajun cousine and cooking and there are quite few few really cool cajun recipes that I want to try ont sometimes in the future. The reason? :) Let's just say that I came across a cool site about cajun cooking, I started reading and...here it is.

Before today the only thing I knew about cajun food was that there is a special Cayenne pepper that is not black or white but a shade of brown and that cajun food must be kind of hot and spicy.

Well that is not really true. A typical cajun dish will be a bit spicey but nothing that would bring tears to your eyes and fire from your mouth and smoke from your ears and .... from your ass lol. 

Anyway, what I have learned about cajun cooking:

Cajun cuisine comes from the French-speaking immigrants that were moved from Canada to Louisiana, USA by the Brits. What kind of food is cajun food? Rustic, simple prepraration (yeah, that's they way I like it), rice, cornbread, vegetables... peppers, onions, celery...

Baah, now all this sound like some history lesson :). What I want are some Cajun recipes. And this is a great site to get them since ALL recipes come with a nice YouTube video of the preparation process. How cool is that?! :) There are lots and lots of recipes but the first one I'm gonna try, bacause it seems so simple that even a lazy cook like me couldn't mess it up...and I like beans... will be the cajun stile baked beans.

I would suggest you check out the site I mentioned but if you are lazy like me I'm gonna give you the recipe here, hope the Cajun chef over there doesn't mind:

What you need is  1-2 cans of Baked Beans, ½ cup Maple Syrup, ½ cup Brown Sugar, BBQ sauce, chopped sweet onion, bacon or ham.

Ready, steady, GO:
Cut onion, cut bacon, cut ham, throw on a hot oiled pan and add beans, sugar, maple syrup, and BBQ sauce after a while and mix. Bake for 30 minutes. Done.

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