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Claim and That's It That's All

I have strayed away from one of the topisc of this blog lately. Sports! Especially winter sports. Deep snow, deep powder snow, and lots of it. Snowboarding, skiing. Yeah I am doing a lot of that lately. But this will be a review of two movies that I watched recently. A ski movie called Claim and snowboard movie called That's it That's All. I think they can both be found also on blue ray, at least for Claim I am sure. Here is a great way to find blue ray movies. HD makes a lot of difference.

Anyway, back to the movies. THEY BOTH FUCKIN ROCK! I stopped watching snowboard movies a while ago. The all kind of seem the same, you see 10 of them you have seen them all. And I never watched skiing movies. Back in my skiing days skiing was boring. so I started snowboarding and when the new school skiing revolution came I was sliding sideways and I didn't care. So Claim is the first ski movie i have ever seen. LOL.

Anyway, back to the movies.

They say this is the best movie of the year or all times or something. It's about how action sports are to cool for people to show joy when they stomp a big trick etc.. and how that is wrong. So in Clain eerybody claims everything. Yeah, I am the best skier out there. Everybody else sucks. Hillarious.

And the tricks rock. And the footage is AWESOME! Mountain shots look like the jumped out of the Lord Of The Rings. Soundtrack is also pretty cool with Final countdown at the begining. Gay? Whatever, it works :).

That's It That's All
Even more amazing footage if thats even possible! These two were really high budget films with helicopters, railroad track for the cameras...the whole shit. And it shows. Its not just lets put the camera here and do some jump. It's just beautifulllll!! The nature, the animals, snow, trees, valleys, mountain ridges... the tricks are just a smaller part of the movie...well not really, but at least 1/3 is just the setup for the tricks.

Anyway, if you will only watch to snow movies ever, watch these two! You wont be sorry.

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