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Waffles, waffles, waffles

Yeah, more about food. I have to eat every now and then. Let me begin this waffle journey with a story from my skiing eeek not skiing, snowboarding trip. There was this little waffle stand at the bottom of the ski slope. I didn't even notice it at first. but I noticed the smell of fresh waffles right away. Something smelled really really good and inviting and when you were waiting for the ski lift you couldn't help but to get hungry. And start looking for that waffle stand. Well, after stuffing my mouth full of waffles I managet to mumble that it smells realyl good. So I fell into a conversation with the waffle maker and he told me what his trick was - he bought a special vanilla waffle powder that smelled heavenly when you sprinkled it all over the how waffle iron.

Yeah, the waffles didn't really smell that good, it was a trick, a form of genious advertising LOL. Well the waffles were great anyway. So was the snowboarding. Yeah. Powder.

Anyway, this brings me to my love for waffles. It was discovered only recently after my trip to Holland where I ate loads of waffles and loads of  hmmm.. very thick french fries with mayo or pinda sauce. Pinda sauce is a sauce made out of peanuts and is much better than mayo, at least to me. Where was I... yeah waffles.

Since I like to cook at home, but only things that are fast, quick and easy to make I decided that I will try and make some waffles....as long as they are fast, simple and easy to make. For making waffles you need two things. You need a good waffle maker ad you need a good waffle recipe or even better a few different waffle recipes :).

Anyway, those two sites helped me choose my waffle maker - I got a cheapo waffle iron that looks like it was made somewhere behind the iron curtain 20 years about. It cost me...hel, I an remember. But if the could make waffles in the old times with just two iron grids I am sure this one will work just fine. People are obsesed with features, gadgets... (look who's talking Nokia fan...) "Does your waffle maker have GPS? So you can find your waffles via the bluetooth connection over your phone..crap. Ahm...

maybe I need to put up a picture of my new waffle maker just to show how ugly it is. Ehm, not. This wold be the first picture on this blog. Did I mention that this is just a rabmling bambling blog for supporting my other sites. Ahm.. 

So, got the waffle maker, now for the waffle recipe. I just copied one from the site before, hope they don't mind:

I needed this

  • 3 1/4 cups (1 lb. — 500g) all purpose flour
  • one sachet (7g) instant dried yeast
  • 4 medium eggs
  • whole milk (you can also add some sparkling mineral water and make them even fluffier)
  • two sticks (1/2 lb. — 250g) butter
  • vanilla sugar
  • some salt
Oh, this will be a full blown belgian waffle recipe. not just your ordinary waflles. What's the difference? YEAST!

1. Warm the milk and mix in your yeast.
2. Melt the butter.
3. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Beat the egg whites until you get snow.
4. Get a bowl and put in all the flour, vanilla sugar (one sachet) and some salt. Then add melted butter, yeast and egg yolk.
5. Mix while adding milk (no lumps). Make it thick.
6. Mix in egg whites snow. Just a little. 
7. Leave the dough to rest and rise at room temperature for a while until it doubles.
8. Grease the waffle iron and put the dough in it. Bake the until they turn golden brown.

Eat. Or add some fruit, chocolate, cream, ice cream, syrup...whatever suits you.

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