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Why use Blogger for a new blog?

The big "smart(ass :))" majority of people will have the same answer to the following question:

Q:"Should I use Blogger to start a new blog or website?"
A:"No, if you are serrious about your site get a hosting, buy your own domain and install Wordpress. Blogger is for spammers and you can never make a decent site with it ect..."


First let me explain why you really would not want to have your blog/website on Blogger and they why you would want to:).

Blogger review, why not use it:
- you want to sell your website sometime in the future, you will not be able to sell your Blogger blog. This is correct, kind off, but it can be fixed if you plan ahead - get a new Google account that you will only use for one Blogger blog and you will be able to sell it together with your account.
- branding, it's kind of no cool to brand URL that says mashed-up-blog.blogspot.com LOL

Blogger review, why use it:
- having your own hosting and domain is cool but it is also a waste of time. Because with Blogger blog you eliminate all sorts of problems. Problems like:
- hosting bill
- other hosting problems, like server being down, your site getting hacked, bandwidth problems, space problems, unresponsive support problems... you do not have to do any of these. All will be taken care off by Blogger.
- spript problems. I don't really like Wordpress that much, read my cons on Wordpress in the review. Anyway, most of the websites probably run on some sort of CMS script. This again means a waste of time for:
- installing the script
- configuring the script
- upgradeing the script and making sure its up to date so your website doesn't get hacked
- etc.. it work, work, work.

As I said. If you have one website you have lots of time to run it, to do maintenance etc.. it's cool, it's fun, it's a hooby, it's why you do this in the first place. If you have 20 websites this will soon become a pain in the ass.

All you have to do with Blogger is login and write. Everything else is taken care of. And if you tink you are worse off SEO wise because you are using a blogspot blog - you are not.

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