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There is heaps of snow in the mountains, I've snowboarded the crap out of me this season and it's still not over, but spring is slowly creeping into the land and whyt I like about spring is that this is the time that we start our barbecues (me and my friend), get a few cases of beer, invite some friends over and we sit in the spring sun eating stuff from the bbq.

This reminds me of last year when my friend, who has one of those cheap barbecues, blew up...emm.. well not, he didn't blow op, his barbecue did. It burst into flames. Now I am not sure if I can tell this here...but I don't think that as anything to do with the price of his barbecu, but more with the amount of fire starter fluid that he sprayed all over his barbecu. LOL.

I wanted to include a really cool bbq recipe here but I can't remember one... it must be all that beer from last night. Anyway, just throw some winnies on the barbie and spray them woth some beer and you be fine.

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