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A new and eco way to wash your clothes

LOL, this blog really is about everything. Sorry about that. I know this is the worst thing you can do seo-wise, readers wise. But since this blog is nowhere in the SERPS (though I do get 3 or 4 visitors on my Nokia video is freezing problem post) and there are no readers whatsoever on this blog I can write about the latest thing in doing your laundry. :)

The latest eco fad in washing your clothes is using wash balls. I got them a few days ago and so far so good (meaning my clothes are still clean hehe). I searched the net for some info about them and all I could find was this website dedicated to wash balls. As they say there is quite a heated debate amongst the stay at home moms if these wash balls really work or not. 

OK, what's the deal here, why would you use these washing balls? The replace washing detergent! The cost like around 20 bucks and you can use them for 3 years every day before they need to be replaced. So if they would really work they would be a HUGE money saver and a HUGE relief for the environment. And they would also be a HUGE pain in the ass for the P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Henkel and other big companies that pump us with ads about how their detergents get rid of even the thoughest stains.

So I recomend you visit Eco wash bals website and cast your vote in the eco wash balls review - do they work or not. If you use them of course. Or just to find out more about them...

Until next time...stay squeeky clean.

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