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How to copy SMS from your Nokia to PC using PC suite?

I played with this a few days ago. You have to connect your Nokia to your PC, when it asks for the type of connection choose PC suite.

Then start PC suite and choose the SMS icon to start the communications center (or whatever it is called).

When it opens there will be a list of all your short messages and you can read them, write new ones, delete them (much faster than on the phone) and also save them.

The other was is to backup your whole Nokia phone to your PC. You also use PC Suite for this, just choose backup feature. Don't worry, your phone will not be changed and nothing will be deleted from it.

So this is pretty much it. I really like my N85 Nokia, before i bought it I was kind of undecided. I wanted to wait for the G1 Phone to arrive to my country, but since I kind of felt that this could take a while lol, I decided to get N85. Well, these two phones (N85 an G1 phone) are not really that much alike, but anyway... I am not sorry, I am happy with my choice.

Uh, sorry for the spelling. Here nd in other posts, i'm a fast typer and i hate to re-read what I have written lol.

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