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A protein rich banana nut bread recipe that is low on carbs and low glycemic

Maybe I should start this post by repeating that making banana bread is really easy. It's harder to mess it up that not to :). I did my first banana bread a few weeks before I started with banana bread recipe site and even the first one turned out great. So this gave me the energy to start a new recipe site that is not doing that well so far, but...well it depends on who would you ask. A few bucks a day might seem linke nothing to someone and a low to someone that is only seeing pennies.

But this is not meant to be a post about me making sites and earning money but about a healthy version of banana bread. A version that is low on carbs and protein rich and has low glycemic index. What does that mean? This banana bread will slowly "leak" glucose into your blood. Slowly and evenly over time. Which is good and healthy. A quick spike and then nothing - this is the opposite - is not healthy.

What is even greater is that this recipe was donated by a reader of my recipe site and it is always a great feeling when this happens.

Anyway... try this or any other banana bread recipe, you will love it.

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