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Why do all Joomla themes suck?!

I wanted to puke some poison about this topic for a long time. Do you remember phpNuke CMS? Do you remember how all the sites made with this cms looked exactly the same? Now Joomla is going down the same path. I don't know why.

It's just a f...ing template. It's 100% less complicated than Wordpress template. You can not make a Wordpress template to save your life I you dont know php and if you don't know how Wordpress works.

But you can easily make Joomla template if you take 10 minutes and ckeck which tags you have to put in. And you can do that even after the template is more or less finished. But no, all free Joomla templates and most of the paid ones as well just llok the same. Left column, content, right column and some boxes for modules. And it sucks. It's like every "designer" out there is just taking one Joomla template, change the header and the colors and put his name on it and throw it back out there.

How can you recognise a Wordpress template? Most of the time it just looks nice.
How can you recognise a Joomla template? It looks like a f...ing Joomla template from a mile away.

And again - there is no need for this. You could easily take any Wordpress template and turn it into a Joomla template (I would if Wordpress templates would not be such a pain in the ass when it comes to modifying and converting them, Wordpress templating system sucks big time (and still they make beautifull templates))...

I mean, log into any Free Wordpress Template site and you will find lots of great lookgin, original, distinct templates. Then log into a Free Joomla Template site and you will find a pile of amateurish looking templates that all look pretty much the same. Even the paid Joomla templates, Club Joomla templates etc... have a hard time from separating from that Joomla look and only once in a while they produce a template that doesn't have Joomla written all over it and that is not totaly specific for...well I don't know...some stupid hosting company, or e-store o whatever...one that can be used on any website.

So why do all Joomla themes suck?! I have no idea, but I know that it is quite a crutch that prevents Joomla from getting on the next level. Nobody wants a site that screams "I WAS MADE USING JOOMLA" through the template, right? I can' remember the last time that I went to a Joomla site and thought:"Wow, this is an ass kicking nice template!".

Do you?


  1. Yeah I fully agree with you. I am searching for cms, which would fit my needs and I am checking those cms themes. I just looked at like 300~ joomla templates and they all look the same and they all suck. And neither of them fits my simple needs.

  2. Really? I suppose I agree if you look at the free templates. Yes, the free Joomla Templates are awful. But if you pay a "club" then the templates are a lot nicer. The key is to not rely on one supplier when it comes to anything including CMS systems.

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  4. I agree. I jsut looked through hundreds of Joomla templates and they all suck ass.

  5. a year later and they still suck...

  6. First of all, I do not agree. Well, not entirely. Yes, the free template generally suck, but with good reason. ADM, the reason for this is right in your 2nd paragraph - Joomla templates are easier to make so, if an amateur designer is going to make a template, which CMS do you think they will make it for? There are a lot of beautiful commercial Joomla templates. Many suck, but there are definitley some that are very nice if you look around enough. On the other hand, since they are so "easy" to make, why complain about Joomla? Just make your own template.

  7. I DO make my own Joomla templates :). There are some beautiful commercial Joomla templates but what bugs me is that they - even though they are nice - still look like Joomla templates. I don't want to be able to recognize the CMS used on the site just by looking at the template for 2 seconds.

  8. Fairly new to joomla but have made sites using html.

    I agree, all templates paid for or not all look similar. They have different menus, graphics etc but there is something that makes them all have the same look.