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Will do-follow comments bring you web traffic?

Since this blog is mostly related to websites I make money from and it's a part of the shhhhh...farm of websites, which is still much to small. Right. Anyway... so I thought it would also be nice if I would write a few posts about how to generate web traffic.

As far as I am concerned there are two ways of bringing traffic to a website:

1. Search engine traffic.
2. All the other crap :).

If you want to have a constant surge of fresh people coming to your website, a source of traffic that will not cease as soon as you stop writing, commenting, submitting, kicking and screaming and being an attention whore, a source of traffic that can pretty easy be monetized - then you want search engine traffic.

If you don't want any of the above mentioned things then you can look for other sources of traffic. Traffic like people coming to your website from comments on other blogs, from websites like Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and other social bookmarking websites, traffic from your advertising on other websites, bought traffic etc... This kind of traffic is either expensive or it's not worth much if you want to make some money from it.

Getting the first kind of traffic is all about getting on the top o the search engines rankings. There are many (many many many many...) factors that influence where in the search rankings will you appear, but the most important one is links with the right anchor. So getting links should be one of your priorities.

There are many methods of getting links. Some even include links from sites that otherwise fall under the second category of traffic sources. So yes - you can get links from social sites or you can get links from other blogs. Just be aware that if you are getting links from other blogs in the form of comments - most of the blogs today have a no-follow tag on their links.

What the hell is a no-follow tag? It is a tag that tells the search engine spider that this link should not be worth anything, that it should not pass any juice, that it has no value. So if you want to get links from the comments on other blog then look for blogs that have a dofollow plugin instaled. This dofollow plugin will remove the nofollow tag and links will be worth something.

So gettin' links from dofollow blogs will help you get search engine traffic. Yey! (just make sure you include your keyword in the anchor). Comments are not worth much even with dofollow enabled but ask yourself - what is better: A link that is not worth much or no link. Right.Sitting and thinking this doesn't work and that doesn't work means you are just sitting and doing nothing. Get of your ass and be active.

Maybe one more thing - if you own a blog you can get some traffic on it if you install a dofollow blog yourself. People will come to your blog and they will try to make "usefull" comments on your posts that would bring them link juice if you approve their comments. This kind of traffic is not worth much and the comments will be in the range of: "U, great article" to "I like your site" to "I agree" to "Nice template" to "I will look into that, thanks!" to something even more obvious... you can almost always spot a comment that was written deliberately for getting a link.

Well, when you think about it, why not. Give some links, it won't kill you. to bad that Blogger blogs all have nofollow comments that can not be removed.

Til nect time.

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