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Nokia N 85 PC Suite vs Mass Memory

I am still playing with my new Nokia N85 phone and I got quite a few questions regarding PC Suite and Mass Memory. When you plug the mini USB cable into your Nokia N85 and the other end into your PC the phone asks you if you want the connection to be PC Suite or Mass memory.

What is the difference between PC Suite and Mass Memory?

If you choose mass memory your phone and your 8Gb memory card will act as it is an ordinary memory stick. You can use your windows explorer, finder..whatever to copy, paste and move the files from and on to the phone. But you can not use PC Suite to operate the phone.

On the other hand PC Suite connection gives you possibility to use commands in the Nokia PC Suite. If you use PC Suite connection type you can backup your phone data, upgrade it, tranfer pctures and videos using pc suite (you can do the same using mass memory and explorer) and the option I like best - you can use your PC to sort, delete and send messages. Ordinary keyboard is still the fastest way to type a SMS...not to mention that you can simply copy paste things from your PC into the message.

So that is the difference.

By the way, I think I wrote about how I wanted to buy a G1 pgone before you bought my N85. I've found some great G1 Phone Accessories. Not saying I am not happy with my choice. N85 ROCKS!!!

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  1. I've already install n85 nokia pc suite..but how to use it to send or delete message