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When will Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, sNews, 19Pages... be updated?

I hope Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, sNews, 19Pages... will NEVER be updated!!!!!!


Because! :)))

1. If a script needs to be updated it means that there were bugs in it, there were security risks, there were problems, there were sites getting hacked, possibly my sites. Sites that I made, optimized, sites that are making money, sites that I might have forgotten to backup. So any security risk is a direct risk for my passive income :). Now who want a lower paycheck raise your arms! That is the firs reason I hate updates. I know update is also the time for new features and options but still... if it aint broken - don't fix it. And second and (more) important thing...

2. Time wasted! If you have one website that is your puppy, that you know every character of code personally... then you I guess can not wait for an update. Weeeee, let's see what is new, what new features are there, weeeee they changed the admin template, now it is soooo cooool. Weeee... Great. I have 30 websites and I need to update 30 websites. Weee? Yeah, right. I need to backup the site (which I don't because I'm to lazyI), update the site, solve the usual problems, solve the unusual problems, try to remember all the modifications I made, how I made them and why are they not working now, fix the extensions that are not working... Arrgghhhhhh. Even if everything goes smoothly it still takes time. and you need to do it so your scripts and CMS are secure and upto date.

And this is why I hate when Wordpress is upadated, whene the new version of Joomla comes out etc...

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  1. I really need to read my post after I write them..spelling!! LOL