This is "my" mashed&smashed up personal blog where I try to post useful stuff for people that are into sports, people that want technology to for for them and not vice versa, people looking for solutions to mobile phone problems especially Nokia and Android related, people that are interested in SEO in making money online and more...

Action Sports Blog Resurection

That was a long long pause between my last post and this one. Lots of things have happened, like breaking up with my long time girlfriend and dealing with that shit. That was hard. It took my mind of internet things for quite a while. Then came the Google SERP and algorithm updates that kicked some of my sites into their shins and made me rethink things, made me lost my motivation and then get it back again. It's hard to go from alsom 100$ a day back to 20$. But on the other hand it's true a have been very passive and lazy in the last 1-2 years when it comes to my sites. Most of the time was spent checking earnings and stats. Which is fun but doesn't help build or rank sites.

Anyway... the recent changes are leading kind of away from sniper - one mini niche - one keyword sites. Fortunately I have expanded most of my sites to target many keywords. So even mini sites were not do or die dependent on one keyword.

For instance if you get 80% of your traffic from your main keyword and your site drops - you are screwed. If you get 30% from your main keyword and 70% from all other long tail versions of it and related keywords then a drop in the main keyword doesn't hit you that hard.

And what I have found out is that sites with lots of content, lots of different content have a better ratio between main keyword and all the other long tail keywords. More power to bigger number of keywords and less to the main one. This is good.

Also - I decided to return to sites that I enjoy making. And this are action sport sites or better that one surfing snowboarding and other alternative sports blog that was the first site that I ever put up. It has been 3 years since my last post on that blog and the traffic has been CONSTANT the whole time. During all the ups and downs and algo changes that site remained static. The CTR sucks, at least there are some affiliate sales...nothing to be really excited about but it's what a really enjoy to write about and I've been pumping out posts in the last few days. And I've moved this blog from Joomla to WP. Sorry Joomla but you suck. You are just too much of a pain in the ass to maintain. Otherwise a cool, simple and powerful CMS  but I don't want to take a vacation everytime a Joomla upgrade comes out, SEF URL's change and stuff like that.

So now I have only one Joomla site left. I'm really sorry that I didn't put all my sites on wordpress. Some ore running on other simpler scripts but at least they are light, simple and not updated. Unlike Joomla. Sound funny but this is a good thing :).

Anyway... blog has a semi new template that I like - Pagelines, and some new posts about mountainbiking and surfing. And about a stupid thing called wavejet and about Travis Rice new snowboard movie - The Art Of Flight. And I have included some links to in throughout this post so feel free to click them and check it out :).