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Baking Potatoes

And I am back to food. Comfort food. I need it now more than ever. I like potatoes. They are easy to make...almost anything made out of potatoes is easy. Cook or bake the potatoes and you are half way there. The most popular potato recipe around here is for mashed potatoes so this was the first one I learned. Especially since my girlfriend likes them a lot. There are a few different ways how you can make them. Ok, then I usually made too much and there were leftovers. So I started to learn and try recipes for leftover mashed potatoes. Yeah...the link is full of them.

But now I also into baked potato recipes and recipes for potato bread. Baked potatoes were always my favorite dish. Just cut the potato in half and put it in the oven. When it's soft, baked and a little brown on the top take it out, put some salt on it and eat it with sour cream. Yummy!! And potato bread - I started making it because I often bake homemade bread. First only the usual flour, yeast and water recipe but then I also tried experimenting and potato bread sounded like a good idea.

Well, this pretty much sums up where I stand with my potato recipes at the moment.