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Wetsuit questions...

Since the wetsuit megastore website has been up they get a lot of wetsuit related questions. Guys over there are pretty cool and they answer every one of them..well if the know the answer :). To help them out these are the questions they answered so far.

1 How to wash a wetsuit?
2 How to dry a wetsuit?
3 How to put on a zipperless wetsuit?
4 How to clean surfing wax off a wetsuit?
5 At what temperature should you wear a wetsuit?
6 How to clean wetsuits?
7 How to dry a wetsuit in a car?
8 Do surfing booties go on the inside or outside of the wetsuit?
9 How to dry wetsuit in the sun?
10 What is the best cold water wetsuit?
11 What is the difference between 5/4/3 and 4/3 wetsuit?
12 Can you give me a 6/5/4 wetsuit explanation?
13 Can you wash wetsuits in washing machine?
14 Where to put your reef booties when surfing?

So if you want to know something about wetsuits, drop by their website and look around.

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