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Kelly Slater: For the Love

Kelly Slater: For the Love is the title of the new book about Kelly Slater. Those of you that don't follow surfing so much (well to be honest you could also hear about him from other sources, like dating really hot models, being a celebrity...) Kelly Slater is the best surfer of all times. This year he has won his 9th (NINTH!!!) world title and is at the same time the youngest and the oldest surfer to ever win a world title. By doing this, he is not only the best surfer of all times, he is right there at the top of the best sportsmen of any sport. Who else has won 9 world titles? There could be some dispute that surfing is easier that some other sport or less competitive. Well.. I just invite you to drop into a death pit at Teahupoo and you will be right back playing soccer and feeling safe.

But his wins are not all there is to Kelly Slater. By being who he is he is also responsible for transforming surfing into a sport that it is today. So a new book about Kelly Slater is sure worth reading. His first autobiography Dreams from the Pipe is a few years old now and since then Kelly has won another world title or two :) so For the love has a few more stories to tell.

And a short tip if you are following this blog (muhahaha, this blog is desert within a desert, I know) because of all the great tips I give on how to help your sites perform better... the title of Kelly Slaters book should be pretty easy to rank for, especially since I already have a site dedicated to Kelly Slater. So far we sit somewhere at the bottom of the first page which suck since search volume for this book is mediocre. Which is sad in fact. If a book would come out about Brittney Spear I'm sure it would be all over the news. And who is 9 times world champion :)?

Well maybe it is for the best, we do not need more people in the lineups.

Till next time...taada.

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