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Grape Juice

This is actually not my writing. I am hiring someone to write articles for me and this one is pretty much copied from all over the place. But I am posting it here to check what copyscape thinks about it. Since as far as I know you can't copyscape check the text if it is not published online if you don't have the "pro" version of copyscape.

Well here it goes, the task was to write about grape juice.

If you’re constantly feeling tired or burnt out, it may be because your immune system is not working properly due to poor diet or excessive stress. You’ve probably heard that wine contains powerful antioxidants that help keep your healthy; well, grape juice contains antioxidants as well but doesn’t make your drowsy like alcohol can. An easy way to get a lot of energy naturally is to start drinking grape juice. Give it a try and see if you don't feel refreshed.

If you drink grape juice regularly, these antioxidants can help boost your immune system, leaving you feeling healthy and energized. Antioxidants have also been shown to fight heart disease, prevent Alzheimer’s, and decrease the signs of aging.
The grape juice helps fatigue by replacing your body's iron supply. Iron deficiency is common, especially in women and can cause severe fatigue and leave you feeling completely tired and burnt out. Don’t drink dark grape juices if you are anemic (low on iron). Dark grape juices contain chemicals that can actually lower the level of iron in your system, worsening the problem. Stick to white or light grape juice for the best iron boost. If you’re feeling extra tired after a workout, you probably need to replenish iron lost from sweating. Drinking grape juice will not only give you more energy, but also help with muscle fatigue as well.
When using grape juice to fight fatigue, you should be careful what brand you choose. Many “juices” are actually grape drinks or cocktails that have extra sugar added to them. Sugar may give you a boost for a while but eventually it will wear off. For the most benefit, find 100% grape juices with all natural ingredients. If you can’t find a brand you like, just get some grapes and make your own.

Don’t just deal with your fatigue, fight it and improve your health at the same time with an energizing glass of grape juice.