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Recipes: Pumpkin Bread, Apple Pie, Sugar Cookie and Guacamole

What a crazy mix of dishes to put into the title eh? Who on Earth puts some apple pie on his pumpkin bread and dips a few sugar cookies into the homemade guacamole :)? No one.

These are just some recipes on some cool sites that teach you how to prepare these meals. Before I tell you home to make each of these meals one little story. It's a really cool one :). All these sites have pretty similar look because the all come from one super cool template. At least I think its pretty good for food and stuff like that. Simple, clean so the recipes stand out... Anyway - this template had a link in the footer and if there is a link in the footer it is courteous to ask people that made the template if the link needs to stay there. This is the right thing to do. Actually the best thing would be to leave the link there for the hard work they did but if you do this for real and every link counts... well you might be rather willing to give them some money in return for removing the link. So you should ask if you can remove the link from the footer and I bet if you ask nicely and the fact that you even asked - they will say ok. Most of the people just delete. Plenty of people even pretend the template is their own.

So these cool guy said that sure, template is GPL and you can remove the link. Cool.

Now to the recipes. I like banana bread as I might have mentioned. And one bread that is pretty similar to it is pumpkin bread. It might sound funny to you...especially if you don't come from the states where pumpkins are very popular...pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and stuff like that..but yeah..as said pumpkin bread is very similar to banana bread. So if you want to try it out - here are some pumpkin bread recipes. So...it's goooood :).

Next one is the oldie goldie of my recipes. Apple pie. Yummy. I love apples and anything made out of them. Apple pie was made by my grandma, greatgrandma probably great great grandma, my mum, my girlfriends mum, grandma etc... It's here, it's tasty, I love it and it was about time I learned how to make it myself. So here are apple pie recipes.

Moving on. Mexico man!!! Best surf on the planet. Well.. one of the best ones. Best food. Cool beer and drinks, tequila...cool stuff. And one of the things I didn't even like until recently - guacamole. Until I tried it it just looked like that green weird looking avocado dip that I would never tried. How was I wrong. It's great!!! So now I make this mexican appetizer almost every week and put it on to my bread if nothing else. How to make it - you need a guacamole recipe.

And finally... sugar cookies. I'm not that much of a cookie fan but I wanted something different, I wanted to try and make cookies at home and sugar cookies are one of the most popular ones...right up there with chocolate chip cookies. So if you want to make them at home - here is a sugar cookie recipe.. or a few of them.

That's it. Lessons for today - ask nicely and you will be heard. And make some cool meals at home and surprise your friends, family... they'll love it. All these recipes are really easy to make. I only choose simple recipes because I don't like spending time in the kitchen. I think it's a waste of time...

OK, I wrote quite a lot this time.. maybe next time again something a little bit more technical..