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More great cookie recipes

It's been a long time. A long time since I wrote something. To make it up I should write about something tasty I think. Something yummy. Something like chocolate chip cookies. With milk. Mmmm.

I must say I am not much of a cook. I mean I love to cook and the results are usually very tasty but I am not educated in a way to know how to make all sorts of basic foods that any cook should know. I am more of a trial and error type, more go with the flow and add what feels right cook.

So when it comes to foods that are not rice+chicken+something I use recipes. So for todays chocolate chip cookies I suggest two really really tasty recipes - you must try the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies recipe and if you are watching your diet then don't miss this healthy chocolate chip cookies recipe.

I didn't miss them :) for sure :) many times :).


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