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Why I Hate Video Blogs & Video Tutorials

I can't say that this is a new trend, it's been her for a while now... at least it's not new in the online definition of new. Things happen fast here on the good old internet. But anyway - blogs where people post videos of themselves talking, explaining, narrating, huhing, emming...etc are popin' up like zits on prom night.

Why Video blog is cool for them:
- once you get a hang of it, it's less work - at least the boring typing work. Talking is easier than typing.
- you can build up your online personality, wohoo look at me!
- well whatever other good there is - I DONT CARE!

The point of this blog post that I hade to type the old fashioned way is why I HATE VIDEO blogs.

The point of most of the searches on web is gathering information. I am interested in something. I Google it. I scan the page quickly. Decide if its what I'm looking for or not. If it is I read what I need if it's not I move on.

Now if I come across a video blog none of this can be done :/. I cant quickly scan it, I can't even know what the hell info am I going to find in it. To make matters worse - video bloggers never get straight to the point. They try to be funny, the beat around the bush, they make a 10 minute video blog post that gives only one paragraph that could be read in 30 seconds of useful info.

They make my life more difficult.

I am past the stage of finding some online guru that I would want to follow and hang on to his every word. It's a waste of time and one of the things that prevent you from doing something yourself. Reading blogs, looking at video blogs.... get of your ass and do it.

Anyway...this was just one of the things I had to get of my mind and unleash onto this blog.

Oh, if someone likes video blogs, can you please explain to me why?


  1. Video blogs are good for people who are illiterate, and shows people how to do something properly by actions.

    For example, if I were to write a instructional manual on how to install RAM to a person who does not know English, it will be useless to them.

    But, if I made a video of myself installing RAM, on to a motherboard. It will be more use to them. Sure they do not know what I am saying, but they can see what I am doing.

    Saying that Video bloging is easy is not true in some cases since the better bloggers spend time writing a script, getting ideas, picking a sound track, and using Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc to edit out the bloppers, and add effects and transitions to their videos. If you go to freeaplus.com which is a video tutorial site on helping people get the Comptia A+ certification. You will see that James Messor spends a lot of time explaining literally every a person needs to know to pass the A+ cert.

  2. Thank you. I hate video tutorials (I got here because I came across a video tutorial and in wrath put "I hate video tutorials" into Google.)

    As far as I'm concerned, they are completely worthless. I need to do something very simple that should be pretty easy to do with some open source software. A written tutorial could be skimmed in about 10 seconds to figure out how to do it. Unfortunately the only explanation I can find for how to do what I need to do is in a 20 minute long video tutorial. I started it and the guy is talking really slowly and giving long pauses. This is incredibly annoying. People need to give it up already.

  3. Sometimes I think a combination of video and script is the next best thing to my 'hands-on'. I remember 35 years ago when my folks gave me a calculator, with an instruction manual. Ever after, I've been totally leery of reading instruction manuals like programming a cell-phone, or TV remote control, even programming a multi-function wristwatch. Seeing what it's supposed to do with some back-up written directions is a lot more helpful than puzzling a manual or wondering how to get from A to B on a video. Although, I do have to say that I was able to fold a paper crane from a video, but the sewing machine ones about sewing a dress were 'Greek to me' (and, I'm not Greek!)

  4. I know this is an old blog post of yours, but I found it by Googling "hate video tutorials." I'm teaching myself video editing, which is probably the worst topic area possible when it comes to this. The creators seem to just want an excuse to get on camera or the microphone rather than actually instruct. It's maddening.

  5. I also hate video tutorials.

  6. Holy sh** dont get me started. I was trying to learn blender(3d software), but more and more all i can find are video tutorials. Now it seems that everyone only does video, so i gotta suffer through bad presentation with the "uuhh..." being expressed all too frequently, and they are not even organized to begin with, quite a few of them, i had to sit through parts where they didnt even know off hand where a feature was within the program, so i gotta wait while they search around for it. Oh and they always start off with "hello my name is...." who gives a rats bloated arse what your name is, get to the meat already.